Jeff and I go back a long ways, I think it was around the late 1990s when I was sports editor at the Le Mars Daily Sentinel. I tried to recruit him to take over for me when I left to work for Terry Hersom’s illustrious Sioux City Journal sports staff, because I knew he’d work hard and keep up the Daily Sentinel reputation that Dave Rebstock started and I continued, the two of us combining for 20 years of solid Plymouth County sports coverage. We’re both old school types of sportswriters, though I know he has adapted to the digital world better than I. We’re dinosaurs. We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty and do research. We’re honest, considerate, caring. We’re positive. We’re trusted by our sources. We might be two of the oldest sportswriters in our part of the state, but we love our work and writing about the sports accomplishments of those in their high school environment make us still feel like we’re young.

— Jerry Giese, Former LeMars Daily Sentinel Sports Editor (1990-2001), Sports Writer Sioux City Journal (2001-2019), Sports Writer Sergeant Bluff Advocate (2019-2022); Current Sports Editor The Moville Record.
2014 IHSAA Media Award Winner

Jeff has been a vital part of the Iowa high school sports scene for the past three plus decades. His accuracy should never be questioned, as his passion to give his readers the straight, cold, hard facts is undeniable.  He is knowledgeable in a variety of sports, and will do his best to make sure the readers get game data and quotes from players and coaches when provided. He’s won numerous honors from the state press associations for both his writing and photography. He looks to inform Cherokee and the surrounding areas with plenty of insightful features in northwest Iowa. He knows the area – He knows the game – Follow and Read his recaps, you won’t regret it.

— Matt Gengler, Sports Editor/Photographer Missouri Valley Times-News.
2019 IHSAA Media Award Winner, 2021 IBCA West District Media Award Winner,

“Jeff has been diligent and thorough in his coverage over the years. He stayed in constant contact with the coaches and had a good rapport with them through the highs and lows. I’ve worked with him when he’s needed to have photographic coverage of events. I have enjoyed his articles.”

— Roy Tucker, Tucker Photo, Freelance Sports Event Photographer & Freelance photographer for Iowa Information Inc.
Numerous Iowa Newspaper Association Photo Award Winner

“Jeff has the ability to tell a story of a sporting event and does it honestly. This is what I believe has led to his longevity of more than three decades covering sports at all levels in Iowa. He’s got knowledge, passion, enthusiasm and love for sports in our state. He does an excellent job.”

— Ben Hupke, Hupke Wrestling Productions, Contracted ESPN-Plus Wrestling PxP Announcer, Contracted CISNtv Iowa Girls State Wrestling Tournament PxP Announcer
2012 NWMA Wrestling Broadcaster of Year